Posted on Jul 29, 2019

Steven K Struck MD

The Stanford-educated, board-certified plastic surgeon conducts one-on-one consultations to best determine each person’s goals. Dr. Struck adds, “We’re big believers on educating our patients about procedures.” Set in Silicon Valley, his practice, which he opened shortly after finishing his residency in 1996, embraces innovations. In addition to procedures such as abdominoplasty, breast augmentations and other surgeries of the body, Dr. Struck’s passion is to create youthful skin that lies naturally on a structurally beautiful face by individualizing treatment. He often combines lasers with surgical techniques. “There are things a facelift can do that lasers can’t.” Dr. Struck believes in creating a natural and youthful appearance by combining lasers with endoscopic surgical techniques. A multi layer treatment plan is created for each patient to meet their needs. Sagging structures can be lifted with minimal incisions and endoscopes, while areas of volume loss may be corrected by fat injection. The skin surface may also be treated with non burning lasers to correct sun damage of the face, neck, chest and hands. This individualized multi layer technique using various minimally invasive techniques results in a natural appearance and minimizes healing time.

For more information about Dr. Struck, with offices in Atherton, Los Gatos and Morgan Hill serving the entire bay area, call us today at 650-562-0587.
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